Make the switch from reactive to proactive.

Imagine if your Mac could tell you if something were wrong before you even knew there was a problem. Now it can with the help of The MacGuys+ SafeGuard proactive protection plans. Our software proactively reports errors to our trained Apple Certified technicians quickly, in many cases before you even realize something is going wrong.

With our SafeGuard proactive protection plans, you can keep your Macs running smooth 7 x 24 x 365. We have plans that can automatically fix many issues, scan and remove adware, repair disc errors, perform regular maintenance, and much more. Best of all, they are all scalable. So whether you have 1 Mac or 100, you can keep it all safe and protected.

What Will the Power of Total Protection Do For You?

  • Worry-free system updates and patches
  • Hassle-free Apple security and application updates
  • Automatic detection and removal of adware/malware
  • Keep applications (MS-Office, Adobe apps, many others) up-to-date
  • Memory testing and verification to prevent crashing and freezing
  • Easy access to support via custom support menu
  • Security management to ensure your system is safe and secure
  • Call for Free 15-minute consultation
  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Say goodbye to the spinning beach ball
  • No interruptions, maintenance never interrupts your day.
  • Scalable – 1-100 Macs
  • Easy onboarding

Many options. One goal. Total proactive protection.

We have a variety of plans that are perfect for anyone.

  • For the busy IT department supporting a sea of Macs
  • For the business looking to outsource their IT support
  • For freelancers and professionals who want the most from their Mac
  • Remote, work-from-home, not a problem

Best of all, easy onboarding and no interruption maintenance. So give SafeGuard a try, and see what the power of total protection allows you to do.

Respect User Privacy. Guaranteed.

Many subscribers deploy our software in situations that demand absolute data privacy. IT administrators in schools and universities find they can deploy our software on teacher and professor computers which might otherwise encounter pushback. And, deployment where regulations prevent the IT staff from being able to view a computer.

Beyond Early Detection.

SafeGuard goes beyond early detection with our custom Support Menu. The menu is fully customizable and runs on both macOS and Windows.

Use of the Support Menu benefits everyone in your organization. Make it easy for people to access common websites or applications such as your HR sites or self-service. Our custom Contact Menu also allows the entry of items for specific Groups: a share-point, online time clock, websites your department needs, and more. You can add any URL or application and it’s all centrally managed. It’s much easier than managing bookmarks in…which browser did they prefer again?

Contact us about our SafeGuard Proactive Support.

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