Experience the power of knowing your data is protected.

The MacGuys+ are experts in managing your data. Whether you need to protect your data, move it to a new device, or recover data you’ve lost, we have a solution customized to your specific needs.

We thrive off of the challenges others shy away from. We have the experience, expertise, and technology that others don’t so we can recover data that others can’t.

Whether you have one Mac or 100, we can provide a full backup system with local and off-site backup. All so you can ensure you always have access to your data, even after a disaster.

We offer a full-suite of data management options.

In-House Data Recovery Lab

  • Tools, expertise, and experience to recover your essential data
  • Free space recoveries to scan your accidentally trashed files
  • Firmware failures on your hard drive
  • Learn more about our Data Recovery Services

NOTE: If you suspect your hard drive is failing, turn it off and bring it in right away. The more you try to access your data the less chance we have of a successful recovery.

Data Transfers and New System Setups

  • We migrate your files to your new Mac, ensuring your bookmarks, email, photos, and files are all in the right place. Imagine: all your photos in your library so your memories are right where you left them, all your music back in the music library so you are ready to jam.
  • Transferring data from a PC to your new Mac is no problem. We can put all your photos, music, bookmarks and documents in the right places and help ensure your email is working as if you had been on your new Mac all along.

Data Backup

There are many options for backing up and securing your data: Backblaze, Dropbox, Time Machine and Drobo. Let us help you choose the right solution for your needs.

Contact us about how we can help with your Data Management.

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