We can help you get your Mac on track.

You bought your Mac for all the things you could do together. But maybe you need a little help to realize that potential. Whether you’re having a bit of a learning curve with your new Apple technology or just struggling a bit keeping up with the new features, we can help.

The MacGuys+ offers one-on-one personal training for all Macs and Apple technology. We can do the training in your home or office, or you can come into our training center. We can help you get everything you need working smoothly and ensure you understand how to keep it that way. Whether you’re a tech novice or a craft Apple vet, we can cover the topics that are most important to you.

Isn’t it time you treated you and your Mac to a little one-on-one time? Sit down with all your questions and a cup of coffee and we’ll do the rest. Don’t worry, the coffee is on us.

PCs and Macs Playing Nice Together.

One of the most commons questions we get is, “Can you run Windows on a Mac?” The answer is: Of course! And we can help. We’re experts at optimizing your system for running both Windows and macOS on a single system. We can set everything up and then train you how to use your new powerhouse efficiently and effortlessly.

And if you’re making the jump from PC to Mac, we can guide you step-by-step through the process to finding all your same old tricks in their new places. That means all your photos, music, documents, email and bookmarks are all set up and working. We’ll even take you on a tour to show you your way around your new Mac.

Contact us about how we can help provide the Apple training you need.

We offer Mac help desk and Genius Bar support for your conference or event. It’s like having your own personal Mac Guy on hand to help with whatever you need.

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