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For Minimal Downtime

Are you pulling your hair out because your Mac computer or network isn’t working like you know a Mac should? Whether it’s SLOOOOW, NOT SYNCING with hardware or devices, you’ve LOST important files or photos or you keep seeing the SPINNING BEACHBALL… and it’s costing you serious TIME and MONEY!

You know when you try to get help from most computer shops:

  1. They won’t know how to fix a Mac!
  2. They don’t have Mac Qualified Technicians!
  3. They could damage your computer — or make it WORSE!

Or there’s a BETTER option. First, The MacGuys+ team are the Mac support experts in the Minneapolis Twin Cities area. Second, beyond doing a thorough job in repairing your Mac computer or improving your Apple experience, we are lightning fast to respond and quick to resolve your issue. Finally, we make it EASIER for you by coming to your home, home office or business.

Give us a call and let us show you what personal, fast, and friendly Mac IT support should be: 763-331-6227

The MacGuys+ Team Excels In Repairing And Improving Just About Every 
Mac Computer, Mac Network And Apple Device, Including:

Work From Home
For many modern professionals, working from home every once in a while is a luxury, that has quickly become a necessity. If you need help optimizing your home office technology to keep you productive we have you covered. VPNs, Security Settings, Firewalls, Zoom Meetings, Secure Wi-Fi and more we can help you work from home like a Pro.

Convenient In-Home Mac Support
No need to hand your Mac computer (and your important files) off and HOPE to get it back in a few days. If you’re in the Minneapolis area, we come right to your home or home office! With minimal downtime and maximum efficiency, our Mac repair experts get your network and computers working again so YOU can start working again.

We Come To You
Is your Mac running too slow? Are you sick of seeing the “Spinning Beachball”? With over two decades of experience, our team has solved just about every Mac problem. Whether it’s the hardware, software or malware, we happily come to your home, identify the issues and get your computer or device running just like an Apple product should — Fast, easy and error-free!

Data, File and Photo Recovery
Don’t risk losing your critical company files or precious memories! Coming to your home, we have a very high rate of file recovery. Whether it’s from a failing drive, finding files on old computers or even transferring data from old Floppies, Zip Disks or more, The MacGuys+ offer multiple data recovery options.

Malware and Virus Removal and Protection
Is your Mac computer slowing to a crawl? You may have nasty adware, spyware or even viruses. Not only can we remove this digital damaging malware, we can prevent it from attacking ALL of your Macs and PCs.

Peace-of-Mind Backups
Nobody wants to lose precious family photos, critical emails, music, documents or other important files. Thankfully, our Minneapolis area Mac repair experts come to your home and design the ideal backup strategy so your data is always safe and secure.

Seamlessly Sync ALL Your Devices
Like most households, you probably have multiple computers, laptops, tablets, iPhones, etc. But syncing them all can be a nightmare. No problem! The MacGuys+ come to you and sync everything across your family or for your business, from your email, iCloud, Apple ID, contacts, calendar, photos, music and more. With our G Suite option, we can even help you create your own email domain for that professional touch.

Making Cloud Services a Breeze
If you’re not taking advantage of cloud services from Google, Apple, Dropbox, Yahoo or Microsoft, you’re probably spending too much TIME and MONEY. We come to you and set you up on the cloud or fix any cloud issues so you gain more flexibility, security and convenience.

Parental Controls - Content Filters for your Kids
Remotely monitor, filter, and control your children's computer & web activities! It is more important now than ever when many of our kids are at home doing eLearning activities. We have several options that can even protect your children when they take their computers away from the house you can be sure they are protected from stumbling upon inappropriate content.

Printer and New Hardware Setup
Our Minneapolis area Mac experts are experienced with most every printer and hardware for both Mac and PC. We arrive promptly at your home and set up your wired or wireless hardware to your network. Easy!

Optimize Home Wi-Fi For Speed and Security
Are you REALLY getting the Internet speeds you’re paying for? We come to your home and perform an audit of your upload and download speeds and then optimize your Wi-Fi for maximum speed. Plus, by enhancing your security on your devices and network, you’ll be protected from possible software or network attacks. Learn more about our Rock Solid Wi-Fi.

All things Apple - Including Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and More
Want to finally get a handle on Prime Video, NetFilx, Hulu or watch all those great YouTube shows on your home TV? How cool would it be to show off your family vacation photos on your TV? The MacGuys+ team can come to you to help you configure your Apple devices. If it has anything to do with Apple, our Mac support specialists can help!

Remote Support
There’s no need to haul your computer into a busy store. Available nationwide, we offer multiple remote services including tune-up, OS updates, hardware and printer issues, help with photos, iCloud sync issues and more.

Wireless Speaker Setup
Experience extraordinary sound from your movies, music and video games! Our team can quickly set up quality Sonos Wireless Speakers in your home to work with your TV, computers and devices.

Home Camera Setup
A home camera system that you can access from your smartphone or computer is a MUST nowadays. Gain peace-of-mind knowing you will always be alerted BEFORE any break-in, solicitor or even a teenager sneaking out. Our in-home installation is done right the first time.

All Your Questions Answered
Have questions about your Mac, Apple devices or network? Our friendly, no-pressure team members will sit down with you one-on-one and gladly answer any question or concern. Choose from an in-home session or time in our shop.

Special Projects
We’re not miracle workers, but The MacGuys+ have performed some pretty impressive feats. Like transferring data from 25 year old servers, fixing old G4’s to run specialized software for the University of Minnesota and rescuing a Player piano which saved the clients $15,000. If you have a unique problem or don’t know where to turn, we would love to try and help — Call 763-331-6227 for in-home Mac repairs in the Minneapolis area.

I Trust This Place And Drive 58 Miles to Work With Them

I have been a Mac user since the early 90s. As a small business owner I have 8 Mac computers. I have worked with other Mac support companies but when I know more than the technician
it’s never good.

I trust this place and drive 58 miles to have work done with The MacGuys+. They know Macs and I am always happy with their work.

Heather Lahren CEO – Publisher
St. Cloud, MN

Top Notch Service and Expertise

We’ve had The MacGuys+ as our Mac support backbone for years.

As small business owners, our Apple computers are our livelihood. They’ve more than saved our backs during our computer crises. They are knowledgeable, personable, responsive and efficient, at a fair price. Their routine maintenance plan has prevented many computer problems. Their ship-in repair service also works well - easy, painless and convenient. We live in Chicago, but their remote support services make it even more convenient than using a local shop. I travel all over the world and knowing they’re there has been a great piece of mind.

We also enjoy their monthly tips - there’s always something that makes using my Mac a little easier. The MacGuys+ are undoubtedly top-notch!

Jane Hu Chinese Interpreter and Consultant
Chicago, IL

Very Knowledgeable

The MacGuys+ do a great job! I’ve worked with them for almost 20 years on both my personal and work computers. My employer has multiple locations and over 20 computers, and the MacGuys+ always keep things running smooth. They are very knowledgeable and answer all of my questions promptly without all the geek-speak. They do a super job setting and fixing all my computers when things go wrong.

I’ve been working with The MacGuys+ for almost 20 years and trust them with all my computer needs.

Mindy Anderson Communications Specialist
Ellsworth, WI

The MacGuys+ Are A Veritable Goldmine

The MacGuys+ has been extremely generous to me with their time, talent and wisdom. In my new business role as a Macintosh Accounting consultant, Tim’s experience as a successful business owner has been a veritable goldmine for me. They have validated the direction I am going, offered sound advice in areas I hadn’t considered, and encouraged me every step of the way. Their company ethic and services dovetail perfectly with my own.

I have been so impressed with them that they have become the first official associates at my own company.

Margot Hird Accounting Solutions
Greater Los Angeles Area

Respect And Patience

Even though we are a small nonprofit with 20 Macs and limited resources, they still treat us with the utmost respect as other clients. They answer a ton of my questions with patience, and are always happy to jump in to help.

I am no slouch when it comes to Macs, but they are totally at a level beyond with their knowledge. They are my first go-to.

Stephen Lu Director of Media Technology
Minneapolis, MN

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