Upgrade Your Email And Business To G Suite For More Storage,
Better Collaboration, Increased Security And An Improved Image
All With Greater Convenience And Opportunities

Without the G Suite email, productivity and collaboration tools, you simply aren’t in FULL CONTROL of your business. Why? First, whoever hosts your website OWNS your email domain. They can hold your emails hostage until you meet their demands, or they could jump ship and your emails are GONE. Second, without a professional email domain, your customers could continue to communicate to your team members’ PERSONAL EMAIL even after they are terminated!

Beyond the security and convenience, G Suite migration offers mobility, scalability and flexibility to your business. Once The MacGuys+ team upgrades your email and business to G Suite, you’ll be able to collaborate with ease, save considerable time and money with breakthrough efficiencies and portray the first-class professional image you desire.

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No Matter How Many Or How Few Google Tools And Services You Currently Use, The MacGuys+ Team Offers Multiple G Suite Migration Advantages, Including:

Plenty of Space for ALL Files, Messages and Attachments
Never get that “You’re running low on storage space” warning again! Space will no longer be an issue since the standard G Suite Package offers a generous 30GB of data per user.

Automatically Backup Important Files
Your photos become lifelong memories. Your critical files can make or break your business. Thankfully, with our G Suite migration setup, Google automatically and safely backs up all of your workstation files and photos.

Easy Collaboration and Sharing
Whether you are a small business, have remote offices or are a large corporation, G Suite enables multiple team members to manage email, documents, cloud storage and calendar sharing all in one place. Plus, multiple team members can seamlessly view, edit and share word-processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations from anywhere in the world!

Keep Every Email Message
We know how important that one email from two years ago can be. No matter how old your email messages are — even if they are filed away — we confidently import existing IMAP (web) mail to your teams’ new Google accounts.

Improve Your Image
When clients and prospects see your email account with @gmail.com, @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com at the end, they may question your professionalism. Start delivering a FIRST-CLASS impression by having us set up your companywide email addresses using your professional domain.

Worry-Free Email Forwarding
Concerned about losing important emails or attachments by upgrading to G Suite? With seamless email forwarding, rest assured your entire team won’t miss a single email message.

Email Account Ownership and Continuity
Who owns your company’s email addresses? If it’s the company you purchased your domain from, THEY do — and they can hold it hostage from you. If your employees use their personal email address for business, customers can continue to contact them AFTER they leave. With G Suite, you OWN your email account so you can be sure EVERY employee receives ALL communications and you better protect the business.

File Ownership for Enhanced Security
Terminated employees can usually still access company-critical files on Google Drive. With The MacGuys+ G Suite migration, the terminated employee would have ZERO ACCESS to company files, yet you would have FULL ACCESS to their files. Protect your business with G Suite.

Spam Be Gone!
Once we set up Google’s “steel wall” Spam filters, unwanted solicitations and dangerous viruses will hardly ever make it to your inbox. Open emails with confidence again!

You Already Know Gmail
1.5 BILLION people use Gmail. Odds are you and many of your team members use it too. So, rather than learning a whole new email interface, everyone will be comfortable sticking with today’s best web interface in Google’s Gmail.

One-on-One Training Overview
We walk you and your team members through everything you need to know: Using the new Google Mail web interface, how to quickly find files, easy to setup rules, sharing documents and more. YOU will soon be the G Suite expert!

Convenient Remote Setup
Minimize downtime. There’s no need to haul in your computers or require an office visit. In most cases, we can get ALL your computers set up quickly and effectively via remote access.

Stronger, Faster, more Consistent Coverage!

After The MacGuys+ installed our new Wi-Fi we had a much stronger signal and better coverage, no more dead spots or spotty internet. The MacGuys+ are Prompt, have Great Communication, and Quicker Resolution of Problems than other IT Support companies we’ve worked with. They didn’t require a long term contract to get started. These guys are easy to talk with, No Geek Speak, and manage all our support issues easily.

Michael Rodich CEO - ZEVA
Minneapolis MN

Faster more Consistent Connectivity!

After installing our new Wi-Fi it has definitely been Rock-Solid! The new Wi-Fi has been much faster and we have more consistent coverage throughout our store. If you’re thinking about working with The MacGuys+ or having them install updated Wi-Fi, I’d say, Just Do It!

“The Mac Guys” are great, they show up on time and their techs know what they’re doing!

Ellen Hertz Owner - Max’s Jewelry
St. Louis Park MN

Better Coverage Everywhere!

The app The MacGuys+ setup for us to monitor our new Rock-Solid Wi-Fi network works great and is very easy to use. We have Significantly Better Wi-Fi coverage every place we need it, no more dead spots or lagging connections! We are very happy with our updated network.

Cary Tutelman CEO - CJT Companies
Edina MN

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