Rock-Solid & Worry Free Wi-Fi
We deliver even better ways to Wi-Fi

Get Wi-Fi that keeps your digital life running smoothly.

Rock-Solid Wi-Fi for your home or small business is no longer a luxury; it is a requirement for Macs, PC’s, Smart Watches, Smart TVs, Smart Thermostats, SONOS and other Multiroom Audio Systems, IOT Devices, Smart Doorbells, Cameras, Gaming Systems, etc.

Benefits of having Rock-Solid Wi-Fi

Covers Any Home - Our Rock-Solid Wi-Fi is customizable and expandable to cover any home, any shape, any number of floors, old or new. No more dead spots!

Reliability, Quality, and Security - Clean robust design makes our installations fit into any home or office without looking like another messy piece of network. The Wi-Fi is brand agnostic and works with any internet providers’ modem. Smart Wi-Fi sends the signal where you need it most, while easily blocking unknown devices.

Professional Setup - Set up and installation by trained network consultants. We test the placement of each access point to be sure you have the best possible coverage. A guest network is created and easily shared with visitors so you can keep your devices separate from those who only need temporary access.

Family Profile - You can control the internet for your kids, setting schedules for when they have access to the internet and to be sure they are spending dinnertime with the family rather than playing with their phones and tablets. When it is time for bed you can disable Wi-Fi on their devices only, while access for other devices remains active.

Remote Network Management - The MacGuys+ includes free Wi-Fi troubleshooting and support for 90-days after installation. Additional support is available with our support plans.

Sleek and Clean for Anywhere in Your Home or Office - We install small, unobtrusive devices that can hide in plain site. Like to work from home? When your work demands awesome Wi-Fi performance to be sure your video calls or webinars don’t suffer slowdowns or drop outs we have you covered.

Plays Well With All Your Other Devices! - This is entertainment-grade Wi-Fi! It is great for streaming music or videos and awesome for the kids’ gaming stations, computers, wearable devices, smart phones, smart speakers, gaming systems, home security systems, door bells, cameras, thermostats, etc. With incredibly low latency, fast speeds, and whole-home coverage, this will end the Wi-Fi troubles for good.

Stronger, Faster, more Consistent Coverage!

After The MacGuys+ installed our new Wi-Fi we had a much stronger signal and better coverage, no more dead spots or spotty internet. The MacGuys+ are Prompt, have Great Communication, and Quicker Resolution of Problems than other IT Support companies we’ve worked with. They didn’t require a long term contract to get started. These guys are easy to talk with, No Geek Speak, and manage all our support issues easily.

Michael Rodich CEO - ZEVA
Minneapolis MN

Faster more Consistent Connectivity!

After installing our new Wi-Fi it has definitely been Rock-Solid! The new Wi-Fi has been much faster and we have more consistent coverage throughout our store. If you’re thinking about working with The MacGuys+ or having them install updated Wi-Fi, I’d say, Just Do It!

“The Mac Guys” are great, they show up on time and their techs know what they’re doing!

Ellen Hertz Owner - Max’s Jewelry
St. Louis Park MN

Better Coverage Everywhere!

The app The MacGuys+ setup for us to monitor our new Rock-Solid Wi-Fi network works great and is very easy to use. We have Significantly Better Wi-Fi coverage every place we need it, no more dead spots or lagging connections! We are very happy with our updated network.

Cary Tutelman CEO - CJT Companies
Edina MN

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