Password Reset or Recovery - Lost your files or got locked out of your computer? We can get you up and running! We can help you reset the password on your Mac or PC.

Standard Data Recovery

  • 2.5” Laptop and MacBook hard drives
  • 3.5” Mac and PC Desktop hard drives
  • SATA or IDE hard drives
  • Mac or PC blade SSDs
  • USB flash drives
  • Camera Cards -  SD cards, CF cards, MMC cards

Recover data off your old Macs or PCs – We can get the files off your old SCSI drives, zip disks, floppies, etc. Have an old computer that isn’t working but you think there is data there you need? Give us a call!

Sector Pounding – Specialized recovery tools that scan each sector thousands of times and target specific parts of the platter to maximize the success of your recovery.

Firmware bypass – Beyond standard consumer recovery software capabilities, even drives with failed firmware can be recovered in our Data Recovery Lab.

File Conversions - For example convert old ClarisWorks documents to Pages (Mac).

Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod File and Data Recovery - Music, photos, videos, text messages, contacts, and bookmarks

Documents and Memories Recovered

My hard drive failed and The MacGuys+ recovered a careers worth of documents and memories I thought were lost forever. They kept me updated through the entire process paying close attention to my needs and expectations. I have full confidence in The Mac Guys. If disaster strikes again, and I hope it doesn’t, they will be the first place I’ll call !

No complex problem ever has a simple solution, But I have confidence in The MacGuys+ to find a solution.

Paul Agranoff Educational Consultant
Isanti, Minnesota

Emergency Express Service available – call for details! 763-331-6227