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Welcome to MacGuys+ - your trusted partner for Mac support and security for small businesses. We understand that running a small business can be challenging and worrying about your IT security shouldn't add to the stress. That's why we specialize in providing industry-leading Mac security and proactive workstation maintenance, optimized for your remote team.

Our team of certified Mac experts offers a wide range of services, including employee compliance training, ongoing proactive support, and virtual CIO-level technology planning. Whether you're setting up new technology, need help with compliance, or want to train your employees, we've got you covered.

Our services include:

  • Proactive workstation maintenance and security for small businesses using Macs
  • Remote team security solutions, Work-From-Anywhere
  • New technology set-up and optimization for small Mac-based businesses
  • Compliance and security training for small Mac-based businesses
  • Employee policy management platform for small businesses, Mac or PC
  • Virtual CIO – strategic technology planning for small businesses
  • Personalized end-user remote training sessions
  • HIPAA Compliance training for small businesses

With The MacGuys+, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your Mac-based IT and security are in good hands. Let us take care of the technical details, so you can focus on growing your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your small business with Mac support and security.

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Proactive service you can rely on.
Total security you can count on.

he MacGuys+ SafeGuard Proactive Managed IT Support for Macs - The Small
Business Solution

At The MacGuys+ we understand the importance of keeping your Mac-based
small business running smoothly. That's why we offer SafeGuard, our
proactive managed IT support plans for Macs. With our advanced software,
our Apple Certified technicians can proactively detect and report errors,
often before you even realize there's a problem.

Our plans include features such as automated remediation of common issues,
adware removal, regular maintenance, and MDM support, making it the perfect
solution for small businesses that rely on Macs. Plus, our SafeGuard plans
are easily scalable, so whether you have one Mac or multiple, you can keep
them all protected.

Benefits of our plans include:

  • Worry-free system updates and patches
  • Hassle-free Apple security and application updates
  • Automatic detection and removal of adware and malware
  • Easy access to support via a custom support menu
  • Reduced downtime and increased productivity and security for your
    office of Macs, remote Mac-based team, or department of Macs
  • Custom Support Menu with easy access to common websites and
    applications, fully customizable for specific groups within your

Don't let IT issues slow down your small business. Contact us today to
learn more about our SafeGuard proactive managed IT support plans and see
how we can help keep your Macs running smoothly.


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Keeps Our Marketing Department Running Smooth

The MacGuys+ are a big help in keeping our department of Apple computers running efficiently. They provide regular monthly visits to maintain and update our department of Macs. They are available immediately to help via phone, email or in person.

The MacGuys+ are a wonderful group of knowledgeable and helpful people.

Scott Bigalke Senior Graphic Designer
St. Paul, MN

Positive Outcomes in Every Dealing

I work at a facility with 3 locations and over 30 computers (Macs and PCs), and in every dealing I’ve had with The MacGuys+ and their great staff I have had positive outcomes.

I highly recommend working with The MacGuys+.

Pamela Deutsch Senior Account Executive
Beldenville, WI

Not Computer Savvy? No Problem!

The MacGuys+ have been WONDERFUL for our small non-profit business. They are very professional, very knowledgeable and give great IT support. Most importantly they are very patient with someone like me who is not computer savvy.

If you own a company that is looking for IT support, call The MacGuys+!

Kathryn Archambault Executive Director
Burnsville, MN

Windows on my Mac - no problems

Working in the printing/design industry, it’s important to have a team that understands how to support Macs. I work on both Macs and PCs for advertising agencies, commercial printers, and marketing groups. After the purchase of my Mac running Bootcamp, I benefited from their expertise in both operating systems. I think that’s what the “plus sign” means!

The MacGuys+ are knowledgeable, friendly and patient.

David Talarico Studio Production Artist
Minneapolis, MN

Knowledgeable, Helpful, Proactive

I hired The MacGuys+ to provide Mac IT support for my Creative Services departments at three different companies with 10-20 Macs in Minneapolis and St. Paul. They work well with
my IT folks
and keep my designer’s Macs running without issues.

The MacGuys+ are proactive, keeping the software and hardware fine-tuned so that problems don’t develop.

Rick Bosak Creative Director
Minneapolis, MN

Stronger, Faster, More Consistent Coverage!

After The MacGuys+ installed our new Wi-Fi we had a much stronger signal and better coverage, no more dead spots or spotty internet. The MacGuys+ are Prompt, have Great Communication, and Quicker Resolution of Problems than other IT Support companies we’ve worked with. They didn’t require a long term contract to get started. These guys are easy to talk with, No Geek Speak, and manage all our support issues easily.

Michael Rodich CEO
Minneapolis, MN

Faster More Consistent Connectivity!

After installing our new Wi-Fi it has definitely been Rock-Solid! The new Wi-Fi has been much faster and we have more consistent coverage throughout our store. If you’re thinking about working with The MacGuys+ or having them install updated Wi-Fi, I’d say, Just Do It!

“The Mac Guys” are great, they show up on time and their techs know what they’re doing!

Ellen Hertz Business Owner
St. Louis Park, MN

Better Coverage Everywhere!

The app The MacGuys+ setup for us to monitor our new Rock-Solid Wi-Fi network works great and is very easy to use. We have Significantly Better Wi-Fi coverage every place we need it, no more dead spots or lagging connections! We are very happy with our updated network.

Cary Tutelman CEO
Edina, MN

They Go Beyond IT Support, They are a Trusted IT Partner!

We have confidence knowing that our data and intellectual property is secure and being backed up regularly.

The MacGuys+ explains everything in plain English and not technical jargon. Offering options/being flexible and allowing us to “go at our own pace” for larger IT projects.

I’d recommend The MacGuys+ for their professionalism and ability to provide our company with much more than basic IT support, they have provided us tools and ideas to help with our business growth that goes far beyond any IT support we’ve had. They are our trusted IT and business partner.

Allison Beshara Brain Traffic
Operations & Project Manager
Minneapolis, MN

A Killer Tool To Have In Your Back Pocket

Having The MacGuys+ as a partner gives me immense peace of mind to know that when there’s a Mac issue, I’m covered. They’re dialed into all things Mac.

They’re more proactive about solving problems than other IT firms I’ve worked with, minimizing problems. As an IT department with other responsibilities, having IT experts who are extremely knowledgeable about Apple Technology is a killer tool to have in your back pocket.

Another big benefit of outsourcing to the MacGuys+ is that my Mac users don’t feel like second-class citizens. I’ve always felt nagging guilt that I didn’t know enough about Macs to support their machines adequately, but I also have to be realistic about how many things I can be an expert in. The MacGuys+ has the Mac side of things covered. Everybody wins 🙂

Bill Turner Director of IT
Golden Valley, MN