Get your head (and your business) in the Cloud.

You’ve probably heard people talking about the Cloud. Whether you think clouds are only for weather, or a savvy veteran of Cloud-based storage, we can help make sure the Cloud never rains on your parade.

The MacGuys+ are certified Apple technology experts. That means there isn’t an issue we haven’t seen, a cloud-based problem we can’t fix. We can untangle all your Apple ID questions or keep all your devices synced with the iCloud so you get the right things in the right places right where and when you want them. We can even help set up Family Sharing so your whole family has access to the apps and information you want.

Imagine your iPhone synced with your iCal/Calendar so you can remember to make that important business call or make it to your daughter’s soccer game on time—and let your son watch Netflix on your iPad—while you’re free to cheer her on. That’s the power of the Cloud.

Our certified Mac Experts can make the Cloud work for all your Apple technology, including:

  • Apple TVs
  • Apple IDs
  • iCloud
  • iDevice syncing & integration
  • File sharing and backup with Dropbox and Backblaze

Contact us about how we can help you take it to the Cloud.

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