Have you ever wished to seamlessly extract an object from a photo and use it in a different context? Thanks to the latest advancements in iOS 16, this is now possible on recent iPhones. In the Photos app, simply touch and hold the desired object. If Photos recognizes it, a highlight will appear around its edges.

Now, here's the magic: lift your finger, and a popover menu will appear, offering options to copy the object, gather information about it, turn it into a sticker (available in iOS 17), or share it. Alternatively, you can start dragging the object, switch apps with your other hand, and effortlessly drop it into another application, such as Messages.

The possibilities extend further with Universal Clipboard. Lift an object on your iPhone, copy it, switch to Preview on your Mac, and choose File > New from Clipboard to seamlessly transfer it. As Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law suggests, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

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(Featured image by Adam Engst)



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