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The MacGuys+ Work-From-Anywhere Mac IT Support
Is Ideal For Any Remote Worker Who Wants To Be
Productive And Secure, Including:

Mac-Based Businesses

IT Departments with a department of Macs

Solo Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Work-From-Home Professionals

If You’re Looking For Increased Productivity, Greater Security And RemoteApple Technology IT Support For Your Business or Remote Mac Based work Team, The MacGuys+ Work-From-Anywhere Mac IT Support Has You Covered

Today, working from home is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. And while working remotely gives you the freedom to work from anywhere — from your comfy couch, while watching your kid’s soccer game or even on a cruise ship in the Caribbean — it’s not without its headaches and risks.

  • First, connection issues halt productivity. Settle for inferior Wi-Fi that constantly drops your connection, and your productivity falls off a cliff. Suddenly, your job is at risk.
  • Second, working remotely invites costly cyberattacks. While Macs are less prone to cyberattacks, they are not immune. And hackers are just waiting to pounce on home-based businesses without proper cyber security in place. Just one ransomware attack could cost you ALL of your data and TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars! It shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Third, without the right tech support, you’re on an island to figure it out YOURSELF. Computer issues, software bugs, printer problems… they can negatively affect your job performance. But without a trusted help desk to save the day, most remote workers must navigate the complex world of IT all by themselves!

Thankfully, The MacGuys+ Delivers The Speed, Security And IT Support
You Need In Any Remote Work Environment

We’ve invested considerable time and money in creating Mac-based work-from-home and work remote environments that rival working at the office. Now you can truly have the freedom and convenience of working remotely without sacrificing your speed, security or support.

If you are a solo entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner, The MacGuys+ can help eliminate your frustrations while increasing your productivity and creativity. Or, if you are an IT manager who needs to provide security and support to your remote Mac-based workforce, we can be helpful as well.  

Here Are 8 Reasons The MacGuys+ Work-From-Anywhere
Solutions Are Built for Remote Work

Our SafeGuard Security Bundle — A Revolutionary Approach to Keeping Your Data Safe

Keeping your computer and office network safe from costly cyberattacks is usually the LAST thing on the mind of Mac-based remote workers. That is until they are attacked, lose all their files or potentially cost their employer tons of money and downtime. Too many businesses fail to properly secure the computers and networks of their remote teams. They lack a firewall and ignore the network security procedures they have for their in-office employees.

Security is one of The MacGuys+ specialties. With our SafeGuard Security Bundle, we can provide ongoing training, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), encrypted secure communications, worry-free DNS filtering as well as safer web browsing to your entire remote team — no matter if they’re at home or thousands of miles away. Our SafeGuard Security Bundle extends to your edge (remote) devices and is infused throughout the network to mitigate security risks. Hackers will have to find another target!

Our SafeGuard Security Bundle also covers what is often the weakest link in cyber security: the employees. That’s why we provide Security Awareness Training, Weekly Security Training Shorts, Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention Training as well as domain monitoring. We also proactively monitor up to five of your critical email addresses that are outside your domain (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). If there’s ever a data breach, we jump into action to protect your company’s data.

Our “No-Worry” Mac Help Desk Support Keeps You Up and Running

When you’re working remote, where do you go for tech support? Too often, Mac-based work-from-home employees are forced to spend HOURS trying to solve complex technical issues THEMSELVES! And doing it yourself can lead to even BIGGER problems.

The MacGuys+ don’t expect you to become an IT expert overnight. Whether it’s a problem with your Mac, a software issue or troubleshooting your printer or Internet, our “No-Worry” Mac Help Desk Support is there for you. Have a quick question or concern? Our Email support provides answers fast.

Our Password Management QuickStart Eliminates Frustrations and Security Risks

“Incorrect Password.” How frustrating is it to be stopped in your tracks just because you forget your password! Yet, if you use the SAME password for all of your apps, programs, bank accounts and more, your risk of a data breach skyrockets.

Now, you no longer have to choose between efficiency and security. With The MacGuys+ Password Management QuickStart, you can have BOTH. With it, you’re just one-click away from accessing any password-protected program. Plus, it also helps manage all of your confidential and important documents, such as social security numbers, credit cards and more. No matter if you’re managing a team of remote workers or if it’s just you and your Mac, our Password Management QuickStart solution is the perfect tool to maximize security and convenience.

Our Equipment Purchase And Setup Assistance Program Saves You Both Time and Money

When it’s time to upgrade your Mac or add the right equipment like an extra monitor or external hard drive, getting the RIGHT product at the LOWEST price takes connections. Fortunately, The MacGuys+ partners directly with Apple to create an Apple Custom Store portal to streamline the ordering process. Now you can outfit your entire remote Mac workforce in just minutes while getting the best deal possible.

Our Device Management Automation Takes Care of ALL Your Updates and Maintenance

Does it seem like your Mac and software are constantly needing to be updated? Do you ever wonder when you should run updates and when you shouldn’t? Does it kill your productivity and creativity when you have to stop and run updates that take forever?

The MacGuys+ Device Management Automation Program takes care of all of this for you. Let us manage your updates, patches and maintenance while you keep focused on staying productive. We can also take care of your application updates, such as Zoom, Microsoft Office and more.

Our Proactive 24/7 Alerts Ensures Your Mac Remains Up and Running

When you’re working remotely, a major system crash can destroy your productivity and results. Whether it’s your Mac, your hard drive, your backup system or another major component, you never know when trouble is about to strike. Thankfully, The MacGuys+ team DOES! Our 24/7 Alerts give us a “sneak peek” into your hardware and backup status so we can catch any potential problems before they become nightmares and affect your work.

Our Co-Managed IT Solutions For Mac-Based Teams Becomes Your Virtual (And Affordable) IT Department

Have an internal or remote team of Mac users and zero IT staff to keep them running and productive? If so, you’re skating on thin ice because you’ll eventually come face-to-face with computer crashes, cyberattacks, network issues and more.

Our Rock Solid Wi-Fi is Surprisingly Fast And Reliable

Working from a home-based office nowadays requires even better Wi-Fi. That’s because you have Zoom meetings, need to download and upload files and require more apps running simultaneously to get work done. As a result, your standard Wi-Fi can’t keep up.

The team at The MacGuys+ provides an optimized Wi-Fi solution that’s perfect for the remote workforce. We call it our Rock Solid Wi-Fi. You’ll call it your productivity enhancer. That’s because it’s on whenever you need it, and it’s just as fast (or sometimes faster) as your office Internet.

In the rare case there is an issue, we offer several troubleshooting options. Our techs can help get you back up and running remotely or we can send you the hardware so you can simply hop on our dashboard to fix it. Quick and easy!

We can help. It’s called our Co-Managed IT Solutions for Mac-Based Teams. Simply put, The MacGuys+ becomes your virtual IT staff that supports ALL of the Mac users in your company — whether they’re working in your office, at their home or halfway around the world.

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