We fix Macs.

The Mac Guys + make Macs communicate seamlessly in a sea of PCs, and provide exceptional repair and proactive support for Mac computers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Call 763/331-MACS (6227) in Minnesota, 715/426-9670 in Wisconsin, or email us today to see how The Mac Guys + can make your Macs even more trouble-free for you.

The MacGuys+ Mission MainStreet Grants Free is good. Remote Monitoring for Macs SafeGuard Pro. The essentials for your business. MacGuys+ SafeGuard

Tip of the Day

If you need to repair your startup disk, run Disk Utility from the Snow Leopard install disc: Click the Utilities button, click Restart, and enter your administrator password. After the computer restarts, it will be running from the install disc. Choose Utilities > Disk Utility and then click Repair Disk. The repair could take several minutes. Choose Quit from the Disk Utility menu to return to the installer and continue the upgrade process; you don't need to restart the computer. Choose the hard disk onto which you want to install Snow Leopard. The installer shows only disks with upgradeable operating systems, so you may see just one. If you want to install the software on another attached disk that doesn't appear, click the Show All Disks button and then select the one you want. Excerpted from The Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Pocket Guide by Jeff Carlson

Our Customers Say...

"I had dealt with The Mac Guys when they were setting up a mac for me as the Web Site Project Manager. As soon as they came in, you could tell right away they knew much more than other IT Consultants in the mac field. I know this because I am very knowledgeable in the mac field as well, and it was a breath of fresh air to have someone that I could explain my concerns with. They were not only thorough with everything they did, but they did it in a trustworthy and reliable manner. And in the Healthcare field, that is a must."
~ Ryan Green

Does IT support Macs?

The MacGuys+ can help your busy IT department keep your Macs running smooth!

Our Team of Apple Certified Consultants can help support your internal IT department, providing hardware repairs, liquid damage & abuse repairs and 24 x 7 Alerts of major issues on all your Macs. We can even send those Alerts  right to your IT department. 

We can also work directly with your IT team on new Mac deployments and ongoing support. We can do as much or as little are your IT department needs to help keep your Macs running smooth.

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The MacGuys+ is on the hunt for a new office space. We are looking for something in the western metro near our current Plymouth location. Keep your eyes open for us! 1000-1500 square feet would be enough, even a bit less if it was laid our right. We would also consider trading out rent for computer support, so if you have a space available in your building and have an office of Macs it could be a match made in heaven. Stay tuned….

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Minnesota: 763-331-6227
Wisconsin: 715-426-9670

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Recycle your Mac

If you're looking for a great way to reuse that old Mac you have laying around, give us a call. We can often find a home for your system with some local kids or families looking for a computer. If the system is too old for practical use, we may add it to our Mac Museum.

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