We fix Macs.

The Mac Guys + make Macs communicate seamlessly in a sea of PCs, and provide exceptional repair and proactive support for Mac computers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Call 763/331-MACS (6227) in Minnesota, 715/426-9670 in Wisconsin, or email us today to see how The Mac Guys + can make your Macs even more trouble-free for you.

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Tip of the Day

Here's a quick way to find all your unrated songs and gather them in one place so you can rate them. While holding down the Option (PC: Alt) key, click the Create a Playlist button in the lower-left corner of the iTunes window to open the Smart Playlist dialog. >From the first pop-up menu, choose Rating; from the second menu, choose Is Less Than. In the stars field, click the first dot to assign the ranking of one star. Make sure that the Limit To checkbox is turned off. Click OK, and iTunes will instantly assemble a playlist of nothing but your unrated songs. Start playing a song from that list; as soon as you rank the song, it jumps off the Smart Playlist. When you're done, connect your iPod, and iTunes will add your new rankings there as well. Excerpted from The iPod Book: Doing Cool Stuff with the iPod and the iTunes Store, Fifth Edition by Scott Kelby

Our Customers Say...

"Tim is a great guy to work with and I have not met a more knowledgeable person in the Apple/Mac field in my 8 years in the I.T. industry. He's always very pleasant and has a great attitude which has transcended our business relationship into a good friendship. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced, professional consultant for all Mac products and solutions."
~ Tom Onash

Does IT support Macs?

The MacGuys+ can help your busy IT department keep your Macs running smooth!

Our Team of Apple Certified Consultants can help support your internal IT department, providing hardware repairs, liquid damage & abuse repairs and 24 x 7 Alerts of major issues on all your Macs. We can even send those Alerts  right to your IT department. 

We can also work directly with your IT team on new Mac deployments and ongoing support. We can do as much or as little are your IT department needs to help keep your Macs running smooth.

Latest Mac News


The MacGuys+ is on the hunt for a new office space. We are looking for something in the western metro near our current Plymouth location. Keep your eyes open for us! 1000-1500 square feet would be enough, even a bit less if it was laid our right. We would also consider trading out rent for computer support, so if you have a space available in your building and have an office of Macs it could be a match made in heaven. Stay tuned….

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Minnesota: 763-331-6227
Wisconsin: 715-426-9670

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Images from our Mac Museum

Photos from our museum are coming soon!

Recycle your Mac

If you're looking for a great way to reuse that old Mac you have laying around, give us a call. We can often find a home for your system with some local kids or families looking for a computer. If the system is too old for practical use, we may add it to our Mac Museum.

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