The purpose of this scorecard is to determine the overall health of your organization’s technology infrastructure.
Read through each section and score each question using the following scale:

2 points = This Statement is Completely True
1 point = This Statement is True But Requires Improvement
0 points = This Statement is Not True

Your score will range from 0 to 50.

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Calculating Your Score

Your organization has an extremely healthy and efficient IT process and infrastructure. Your are well positioned to mitigate risk and the negative impact to your business from disaster will be minimal.

Your organization’s technology infrastructure is in good shape and you are well positioned to achieve technology success. However, you should review your score with your IT personnel and make improvements where you are lacking.

Your organization’s technology infrastructure requires improvement. You have several key components in place for technology success. However, you still have a lot of work to do. Review your results with your IT personnel, create an improvement strategy and prioritize the items on your strategy based upon the impact to your organization.

Your organization is at great risk! You are lacking many critical technology processes and your organization’s chance of surviving disaster is low. You experience frequent frustration with your technology, which is critically affecting the success of your organization. Meet with your IT personnel immediately to address required improvements, create a strategy for change and prioritize the items on your strategy based upon the impact to your organization.

Your organization is barely surviving and your frustration with your technology is extremely high. You are not seeing your organization’s technology as an investment and it’s having significant negative impact to your business. If you do not have dedicated IT personnel, you must address that business need immediately. If your organization already has dedicated IT personnel, you need to meet with them immediately to address your organization’s lack of focus on technology success.