Congratulations! The MacGuys+ is going to take great care of your repair.

As you’re preparing to ship in your Mac, use The MacGuys+ fillable Shipping Form. Please make sure you sign and include the form when you send your computer. We are unable to work on your computer without a completed and signed form.

Include any details such as your usernames and passwords that may be needed to access your computer or important for the repair and troubleshooting of your computer. If you don’t feel comfortable putting that information in the form you can give us a call.

Shipping Best Practices

  1. Please be sure to back up your Mac before you send it.
  2. Make sure your computer is protected. Here are some tips from FedEx.
  3. Get a tracking number and insurance when you send your device.

If you have any questions before you ship your system please contact us, we’d love to answer all your questions.

Put your mailing label on the top of the box so that package handlers will be likely to keep the box sitting upright.